Aromen der Natur

IFAアロマセラピスト(IFA aromatherapist)、助産師(Midwife)、看護師(Nurse)のアロマ&ハーブの暮らし

How to make a headache cream using essential oils.

Is anyone suffering from a migraine among them?

I am one of them.


The other day,a person suffering from a migraine had a consultation about what she could do with aromatherapy.


So today I would like to write about migraine measures that can be done with aromatherapy!


I would like to make a cream type so that it can be used easily at work.


*headache cream recipe 



・Peppermint essential oil            1drop

・Lavender essential oil               2drop

・Sweet marjoram essential oil    1drop

・Jojoba oil           10ml

・Beeswax            2g


1.Put Jojoba oil and beeswax in a heat resistant container and immerse in hot water.


2.When it has completely dissolved,mix it well.


3.When it becomes white and the heat cools ,add essential oils and mix well.


4.Completed when solidified.



〈How to use〉

When the head hurts,apply it to the temples and neck and massage in a circular motion.


All of the above essential oils have an analgesic effect.This cream is also effective for stiff shoulders.


If you are having a migraine,please give it a try!


Thank you for reading today.

See you soon!