Aromen der Natur

IFAアロマセラピスト(IFA aromatherapist)、助産師(Midwife)、看護師(Nurse)のアロマ&ハーブの暮らし

Japanese superfood "Amazake"

Do you know about Amazake?


Amazake is a traditional food that has been eaten in Japan since the Edo period.


Amazake is joke fully called “drinkable infusion” since its effects on your body’s health have similarly positive impacts.


Amazake contains glucose, vitamin B,minerals, amino acid, oligosaccharides, and much more, such as Kojic acid and arbutin, which has a whitening effect.


Amazake has been drunken for a long time, but it is one of the foods that has regained attention due to the recent boom in health and beauty.


I wouldnlike to tell you today, that it's very delicious and healthy to eat this Amazake with yogurt!


The combination of fermented food Amazake and yogurt has the effect of increasing beneficial bacteria in the intestine and thus it is improving the intestinal environment.


Maintaining a good intestinal environment not only smoothes defecation but also boosts immunity and prevents allergies.


Also oligosaccharides feed on lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria contained yogurt and increase said beneficial bacteria.


Amazake and yogurt are not only delicious but also synergistic.


Recommended for people who are constipated, who suffer from skin troubles, those who apt to catch a cold, or those who want to ease their suffering from allergic reactions. 


I often make smoothies using a blender, and I am always adding Amazake. Especially if you add Amazake to a smoothie made by soy milk, banana and strawberry, it is delicious 😋 


If you like yogurt, please try it with Amazake!


Thank you for reading today.

See you soon!