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IFAアロマセラピスト(IFA aromatherapist)、助産師(Midwife)、看護師(Nurse)のアロマ&ハーブの暮らし

Mask spray recipe using essential oils with anti-infective effect

I’m afraid that corona virus and flu have recently spread.


 To protect yourself from infectious diseases, it is important to wash your hands and gargle. Also, staying away from the crowd as much as possible, and wearing a mask 😷 helps to stay healthy.


So today, I would like to introduce a mask spray using essential oils with antibacterial and antiviral properties as a way to enhance the effectiveness of the mask!


This spray can be used as a hand sanitizer when sprayed on the palm.


And this spray can also be used as a room spray to clean the air.


Aroma craft has many uses and is very convenient!


✳︎How to make a mask spray 



・Manuka essential oil         2drop

・Tea tree essential oil         2drop

・Lavender essential oil       2drop

・Peppermint essential oil    1drop

・Absolute ethanol               10ml

・Purified water                   10ml


1.Put absolute ethanol in spray bottle.

2.Add essential oils and mix well.

3.Add purified water and shake well to mix.


Use it by spraying on the outside of mask.

Be sure to remove the mask when spraying otherwise you may get into your eyes.


If you are allergic to alcohol, try adding glycerin(1/2 teaspoon )instead of the absolute ethanol.


*Essential oil with antibacterial and antiviral activity 

Tea tree essential oil is known as a natural antibiotic and has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.And it boosts your immunity and helps you build a body that is less susceptible to cold and diseases.


Manuka essential oil is extracted from Manuka leaves and branches native to New Zealand. Manuka essential oil is said to have 20 times the antibacterial activity of tea tree essential oil.Not only Manuka honey but also Manuka essential oil is very effective!



This is a Manuka flower that blooms in New Zealand in December.These are small and very cute🌸


Manuka leaves have long been a herbal tea in New Zealand.This tea is said to be effective for muscle pain, stiff shoulder, skin troubles and cold.


This New Zealand herbal tea called TiORA was very delicious💗I recommend as New Zealand souvenirs.


And Peppermint and lavender essential oil are added to the blend because they have the ability to boost immunity.


Other essential oils with antiviral properties include Eucalyptus and Palmarosa.Try using the essential oils you have!


Thank you for reading today🌿

See you soon!